2017: The Year of Gratitude

by Brandi Miller December 28, 2017 2 min read 2 Comments

2017: The Year of Gratitude

2017: The Year of Gratitude

I cannot believe 2017 is coming to a close.   It seems like this year has flown by!!  I have two little boys, and as everyone always says with young children “the days are long, but the years are short.”     This year that adage rings especially true for me.    So, as we end 2017 and perch on the cusp of 2018, I want to wrap up Paper Sunday’s Year of Gratitude with our last gratitude post. 

It is hard to put into words how much I appreciate every person who has been part of Paper Sunday by gifting a journal to someone they treasure and love.     I am grateful for your stories, tears, and testimonials.   Over the years I have gotten to know so many of you and had the pleasure of speaking to you via email, phone or in person.    Every one of you has a story, and THANK YOU for sharing them with me.    I am grateful to those who need a journal “as quickly as possible” for their friend who was just diagnosed with breast cancer.    I am grateful for the teacher in Georgia who encourages his students with the word of God at every opportunity.   I am grateful for MOPS, YOUNG LIVES, Kupendwa Ministries, Friends of Bethany Hamilton, The Hope Center, Belle and Sparrows, and so many other organizations who allowed Paper Sunday to be a small part of their ministry or conferences.   They are the hands and feet of Christ and we are blessed for knowing them.    I am grateful to my customers who send our journals to men and women serving in the military.  I am grateful to all my guest bloggers this year, who shared their heart and helped us all grow a little closer to God.    

I am personally encouraged in my walk with the Lord every time I speak to my sweet elderly customers who are the very embodiment of Prayer Warriors.    I have literally cried on the phone talking with some of you as you’ve shared stories of real tragedy – But, so grateful that you run to God’s words for comfort and healing.     There is truly no greater gift than God’s love which can turn tears of sorrow into tears of joy and make beauty from ashes.    

So, as we close out our Year of Gratitude THANK YOU!    Thank you for supporting Paper Sunday and personally inspiring me.   One of the best parts of my day is hearing from you and hearing your story of the time you first received your journal and what it meant to see your name in scripture.   Thank you for making my job so rewarding!!!   

I hope we all continue on a journey of thanks and keep on with a grateful heart each day.





P.S.   Be on the look-out for our 2018 launch of LOVE IN ACTION! Details COMING SOON!


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Winsome D Foulkes
Winsome D Foulkes

January 15, 2018

Kara, when I learned of the Paper Sunday journal, Our Saviour put on my heart a new friend who is a visiting priest at my Church…yes a Priest! It was exactly what was needed. At first she thought it was just another journal until she saw her name in scripture. This made it overwhelming personal for her in discerning God’s word. She has told me that she brings her journal with her where ever because it is such a source of inspiration for her. Kara, thank you for this beautiful gift you are sharing. I pray Our Lord and Saviour continues to bless you, your family, and your business. Your new friend, Winsome.

Winsome D Foulkes
Winsome D Foulkes

December 29, 2017

I heard about this amazing journal on HIS Radio, a Christian station in North Carolina that I listen to. Erica, the host, was so excited about reading her name in scripture that I was captivated by it. She said the name “Paper Sunday” so fast that I actually called into the station to verify the name. She actually answered the call and personally gave me the name. I’m definitely purchasing several but will have to be careful in my spending. I can think of so many people to give this precious gift to that would not only benefit them but enhance their walk with Our Saviour. Thank you for this precious gift. Winsome.

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Loved the product

Christmas gifts

I bought my journals for Christmas gifts. I can't wait for them to open their personalized gift! I also bought myself one. I love it! God knows your name💞🙌 What a wonderful way to share scripture! It is like God is speaking to you personally ❤

I adore these

Somehow personalising the scripture helps to bring it to personal relavance. I have purchased these journals and now planners a number of times.

The quality is excellent. The protective covers are a great idea. Outstanding service.

Great Christmas/Birthday gift idea

I bought 5 journals for family and friends. On the first couple of pages, I wrote a letter to the individual and how their life has had an impact on me. Everyone I have given them to so far absolutely loves them. Great personalized gift for a host of holiday or special occasions! I plan on buying more journals in the near future.

Very Pleased

The journal was made with quality. My beautiful wife was very happy to get this as a gift. The smile on her face was all I needed to see, to know that Paper Sunday did very well. Just can’t get any more personal that God and yourself. Paper Sunday helps keep that on track.