The Story of Paper Sunday

by Kara Heckel March 20, 2018 2 min read 3 Comments

The Story of Paper Sunday


Did you know God loves you so much that He knows you by name? He knows the number of hairs on your head and His thoughts for you outnumber the grains of sand.


As a believer, I thought I understood those things. Then, one day, a friend gave me a bible verse personalized with my name: Kara, listen to me…I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you Isaiah 46:3-4. That simple slip of paper literally changed the way I related to Christ. In that moment, my heart was awakened to the depth of God’s love for me. It was then that I realized how personal God is! Out of that singular moment (over 10 years ago) grew the idea for Paper Sunday. I wanted others to experience God in that same deeply personal and intimate way.


God is real. He is real big, real awesome and real personal; which is why every single one of our journals is personalized with your name in scripture. Whether you journal or not, our pages can be used as daily reminders of God’s love for you. I sometimes use mine as a ‘To Do’ list, grocery list, or to jot down prayer needs for myself and others. And every time I open it, there is a verse with my name reminding me of how much God cares for me. It is the best GO TO gift for anyone you want to share God’s love with.

Our heart is simply this; as you journey through the pages of your Paper Sunday personalized scripture journal, we hope you would have a new revelation of just how personal He is.

♥ He sees you.

♥ He cares about the details of your life.

♥ He knows you by name.


Whether you are in a season of great joy or struggling through your darkest hour, there is one constant: the love of God. My prayer is that your personalized scripture journal would encourage, inspire, teach, and fill you with hope as you are drawn to His word and drawn to Him in a deeply personal way.


May you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep His love is for you. Ephesians 3:18

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October 27, 2019

I love your products. I purchased 18 journals for the senior girls at our school, as a gift from the junior girls. The students loved them! In addition, I’ve read some very cruel and judgmental comments on your FB page and I just want to encourage you. Personalizing scripture is cool, and relational, and meaningful. It isn’t changing scripture at all. I am so sorry there are some wacky radicals out there who seem to have nothing better to do than to try to ruin your good name and business by condemning you and all of your customers. Carry on with doing good works, making scripture personal and making it come alive! There is nothing more sacred than the Word, and I’m grateful to have found your company, and plan to purchase again and again these unique and meaningful gifts.
Many blessings! Beth

Judy Good
Judy Good

October 27, 2019

My journal was a surprise gift from my thoughtful husband. I have been a Christian for more then forty years, as I was turning the pages of my new t journal and reading the scriptures with my name.His word became more personal and this wonderful warm feeling came over me. I love this journal.


October 27, 2019

I had never heard of you until I received my first personalized journal today in the mail from a beloved Aunt. I squealed! It’s precious and I will definitely be ordering some to give as gifts to my daughters and friends💖

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Loved the product

Christmas gifts

I bought my journals for Christmas gifts. I can't wait for them to open their personalized gift! I also bought myself one. I love it! God knows your name💞🙌 What a wonderful way to share scripture! It is like God is speaking to you personally ❤

I adore these

Somehow personalising the scripture helps to bring it to personal relavance. I have purchased these journals and now planners a number of times.

The quality is excellent. The protective covers are a great idea. Outstanding service.

Great Christmas/Birthday gift idea

I bought 5 journals for family and friends. On the first couple of pages, I wrote a letter to the individual and how their life has had an impact on me. Everyone I have given them to so far absolutely loves them. Great personalized gift for a host of holiday or special occasions! I plan on buying more journals in the near future.

Very Pleased

The journal was made with quality. My beautiful wife was very happy to get this as a gift. The smile on her face was all I needed to see, to know that Paper Sunday did very well. Just can’t get any more personal that God and yourself. Paper Sunday helps keep that on track.