Daily Devotional • 1 John 4:8

by Kara Heckel March 26, 2022 1 min read

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God is love.

- 1 John 4:8

Do you have trouble trusting God due to the actions or hurt others have caused you? Take heart!

God’s love is perfect.

His character is unchanging, ever-lasting, and trustworthy.

He is the God of love.

His perfect love drives out fear. Why is that? Because God’s love for you does not change.

No matter how good you are or what sins you have committed, He sees you through the eyes of forgiveness.

You cannot earn His love. It isn’t based on your worthiness.

Instead, it is rooted in who He is. He is always reliable. Always loving and forever just.

As you begin this day, ask God to reveal His loving goodness to you.

Trust Him that He is who is says He is.

He is the God of love.  

With Love,
Paper Sunday

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