Daily Devotional • Genesis 28:15

by Kara Heckel September 03, 2022 1 min read 1 Comment

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I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go. I will not leave you but will do what I have promised.

- Genesis 28:15

Can you think of the last time you made a promise to someone? Did you keep it?

God gives us many promises in His Word. However, He doesn’t just give us promises; He keeps them.

God tells us that not only will He be with us, He will watch over us, wherever we go.

He will never leave us. Think about all the places you go in a day, a month...a year.

He is with you. There is nowhere that you can go that He is not with you.

What a comfort, that wherever you lay your head to rest, He is there.

Wherever you wake, He is there.

Today: Thank the Lord today for His incredible promises and for His presence with you always.

With Love,
Paper Sunday

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Loreal Harvey
Loreal Harvey

September 03, 2022

Thank you so much for the daily devotionals! They are so nice to read! I loved my personalized planner as well!

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