Daily Devotional • Hebrews 12:5

by Kara Heckel May 09, 2022 1 min read 2 Comments

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My son, do not make light of the discipline of the Lord, and do not lose heart and give up when you are corrected by Him.

- Hebrews 12:5

If you have walked with Jesus very long, you know Him.

You know when He is opening doors for you that no person could have opened and you know when He is protecting you from something.

Do you know when He is convicting you or giving you a correction?

Course correction is a mercy, it just doesn’t feel like it in the moment.

God allows us to be “course corrected” through people, break-ups, friends that bail out and lay-offs, just to name a few.

If we submit to God and stop fighting with people we will always see His hand of intervention later with gratitude.

TODAY: Don’t try to understand “why” in the moment. “Why” may not surface for a long time but our confidence that He is faithful and good should stand forever.

For the Lord disciplines and corrects those whom He loves. Hebrews 12:6  

With Love,
Paper Sunday

2 Responses


May 10, 2022

“If we submit to God and stop fighting with people”{this part hit home for me, stop fighting ppl &}" …we will always see His hand of intervention later with gratitude" Thank you!! What a blessing, my hands are lifted up to thee.


May 09, 2022

How true! How true! This devotional was a blessing to read and a great reminder for us – that God loves us so much He will correct us. What a kind and faithful Father we have. Thank you for the message.

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