Daily Devotional • John 14:26

by Kara Heckel March 25, 2022 1 min read 2 Comments

Daily Devotional • John 14:26

The comforter…will…bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

- John 14:26

Have you ever felt so lonely that you feel it in the pit of your stomach?

Or maybe you think to yourself that there is something missing in your life. Maybe if you had a bigger home, a spouse, or a different job, you would truly be happy.

That ache or longing is one that only the Holy Spirit can only fill!

We are all designed to have a relationship with God the Father.

His desire is that we come to Him and fellowship with Him each day.

Remember… God is always with you. God will never leave you.

Go to His Word and pray out loud to Him. He wants you to rest in Him. He sees your joys and happiness.

But, He also understands your crushed dreams, hurts, and pain from others’ broken promises, and He wants to heal your broken heart.

Whatever you may be going through, whether happy or sad, He wants to share it with you!

Prayer: Jesus, I come to you today asking you to comfort me, guide me, and fill me. Be near to me, Lord, and help me navigate this day. Reveal Yourself to me in ways that I know are from you. Amen.  

With Love,
Paper Sunday

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Laura Dowd
Laura Dowd

March 25, 2022

I really needed this today. My heart needs calm and worry to be placed with my heavenly Father. Thank you


March 25, 2022

Thank you for your daily reminder’s of God’s love and His word. I appreciate all that you do!

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