Daily Devotional • 1 Peter 5:5

by Kara Heckel April 02, 2022 1 min read

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Clothe yourselves with humility toward one another [tie on the servant’s apron].  

- 1 Peter 5:5

He could have commanded earthly Kings, but instead he washed the feet of His disciples.

He set the planets in motion, but allowed himself to be arrested and crucified.

Jesus is the ultimate example of expressing power by lowering himself.

We humble ourselves when we crucify our own flesh and become more like Christ.

  • Can you apologize first after a conflict?
  • Can you restore peace with people who deserve your anger?
  • Can you let someone else shine at work or church in your arena?

Today: May I follow the example of Christ who made himself of no reputation (Philippians 2) but became the King of all Kings! (1 Timothy 6)

Therefore, humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God so that He may exalt you [to a place of honor in His service] at the appropriate time. (1 Peter 5:6)  

With Love,
Paper Sunday

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