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Refresh This Summer: The Benefits of Journaling

by Brandi Miller June 11, 2016 2 min read

Refresh This Summer:  The Benefits of Journaling

The Benefits of Journaling cannot be Escaped

Summer is in full swing at Paper Sunday! Here in Dallas, it’s getting H.O.T.

But, wherever you live, you are most likely experiencing warmer temperatures, longer days, and (if you are anything like my family), a new line item in the monthly budget reserved just for Popsicles!   


Our time in pools, lakes and oceans is increased exponentially in an all-out attempt to stay cool and refreshed. But, how about this summer you really refresh? Summer is a great time to kick off a new habit, and spend each day journaling to refresh your soul. You may not realize, but journaling has great benefits for your body, mind, and spirit!

Reduces Stress: Journaling a gratitude list inevitably reduces anxiety and stress. There is always something to be grateful for. When we begin to focus on the ‘haves’ rather than the ‘have not's’ there is a shift in attitude and subsequently stress is minimized.

Aids in Healing: When we are able to write down our thoughts and feelings around stressful or traumatic events, the power those events hold over us can be released.  

Personal Growth: By writing regularly, situations and events become clearer. Toxic behaviors or people may come to light and you can begin to better understand yourself and make positive life changes.

Enhances Creativity: When you write without censor for a period of time, both the left and right sides of your brain are engaged. You will be amazed at the creativity that will flow from the pen!

Helps with problem solving: It is always easier to hash out a problem or issue if you write it down on paper. When looking for solutions nothing works better than taking quality time to write things down.   

Creates a lasting legacy: How awesome to think about your children and grandchildren reading through some of your letters and journals. They can know the prayers you prayed over them, and the goodness of God working in and through their lives. And, as much as we love looking at photos of our loved ones after they have gone, it’s so much more intimate to read their thoughts and feelings in letters and journals.

It is easy to start journaling, and you don’t need to be a wordsmith or have a background in writing to simply begin putting down your thoughts and feelings on paper.  

We suggest taking just 10 – 20 minutes each day and start journaling. Uncensored. Don’t worry about grammar or punctuation.  Just write and reap the rewards.

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