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Advent Devotional 16 • 1 Peter 1:16

...since it is written, “You shall be holy, for I am holy.”   - 1 Peter 1:16
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Advent Devotional Series...since it is written, “You shall be holy, for I am holy.”  

- 1 Peter 1:16

Often, the holidays bring out the worst in people.

It is good for us to remember that Jesus is not only our Holiday Savior, but He's also our Holiday Sanctification.

What does it mean to be sanctified?

  • To be sanctified is to have your faith simplified, clarified, and deepened.
  • It is recognizing your need for God.
  • It is knowing God and loving God more deeply.
  • It is seeing God, yourself, and others more truly.

Growing as a saint means actually loving people.

How other people are doing matters increasingly to you.
You care. You help. You listen. You share.
Saints are always available and willing.

Growing as a saint means you are becoming a wiser human being.
You are learning how to deal well and graciously with your money, your sexuality, and your job.
You are becoming a better friend, servant, steward, and family member. When you speak, your words communicate good sense, have meaning, are joyful, and can be trusted.

Growing in holiness does not mean you talk in hushed tones and quote the Bible superfluously. It means you live with a more clear-minded hope.

You know your life's purpose, so you can roll up your sleeves and get about doing what needs doing!

Holy people are thankful for good things, and they face disappointment and pain, illness and death in the hope of the Lord.

To grow in holiness is to become more and more like King Jesus!

Today’s Reflection & Action:

Holidays are stressful. Pray that God will show you where you are weak and ask Him to make you strong.

Satan will use every little thing he can to bring you down. Don't let Him. The One who saved you sanctifies you. Lean into Jesus, especially when your span of control gets out of control.

Pastor Chris

Paper Sunday is blessed to collaborate with Chris Harper on this Advent Devotional Series.

Chris Harper is a speaker, writer, and disciple-maker. Chris is President of 252Edu, a consulting firm based in Dallas, Texas. Chris serves schools, churches, and non-profits by helping them "grow in wisdom, favor and stature with God and man.”

When not taking ground for King Jesus, you can find Chris on the basketball court playing a pick-up game. Chris is a sneakerhead, an avid reader, and loves a good cheeseburger. You can follow him @252consulting on Instagram. 

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