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Bible Study Gifts

Do you ever take girl’s trips or go on women’s retreats? Maybe you enjoy luncheons, dinners or attend Bible studies, conventions, or special speaker’s seminars? Once your time together is over, do you forget all the fun you had or what you learned?


Give the gift of God's Words.

What do you enjoy doing with your best friends?


Do you ever take girl’s trips or go on women’s retreats? Maybe you enjoy luncheons, dinners or attend Bible studies, conventions, or special speaker’s seminars? Once your time together is over, do you forget all the fun you had or what you learned?


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a specific journal to record all of your memories, notes, observations, and ideas? How special would your besties feel if you gave them a journal with Bible verses written directly to them?

At Paper Sunday, we believe in the power of God’s Word. Jesus’ message of eternal hope is good for the soul and uplifting to the heart. As women, we carry the weight of many things on our shoulders. From family, marriage, and work to chores and dinner every night, we are home base for our families. Often, we juggle so many roles we fall into bed with lists rolling around in our heads. 


With a Paper Sunday journal, you can not only keep track of all your special memories and notes, but you can also keep your lists inside. And the best part is that each page is filled with personalized Scripture. 


Isaiah 43:1 says, “I have called you by name; you are mine,” God tells us in this Scripture that God’s personal, intimate love is something incredible to contemplate, and it belongs to each of us.


At Paper Sunday, we believe that God is real. By allowing Him into every aspect of our lives each day, we get to experience how awesome and amazing His love is. And what better way to do that than to open your journal and see your name embedded in the Scripture? No matter your role in life...whether you are single, young, elderly, a mother, wife, teen, or grandmother, God wants you to know you are deeply loved.  


Paper Sunday is the creation of Kara and Bob Heckel, a husband and wife team and parents of two children. Kara longed to help people “not just relegate God to Sunday morning, but allow Him into every day of the week, and every aspect of their lives,”. 

What sets apart Paper Sunday products and makes them unique is that every page of our journals features your name embedded in Scripture. So, for example, a page might read, “Jane, now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1).”


Imagine the encouragement you and the women in your squad will feel, seeing your names in Scripture each day, knowing that you are loved, cherished, and forgiven by God. Verses from the Bible take on new meaning and life when your name is in them. As Paper Sunday's website says, “Experience the power of seeing your name in God’s words!”


Paper Sunday journals provide blank space to unpack your thoughts, write down your prayers and inspire your day. But, at the same time, they also offer the unique opportunity to meditate on God’s word, which was written with you and your friends in mind! No matter what you or those in your women’s groups might be facing, you can open your journal pages and be spoken to by the very word of God. 

 “Each day, we strive to bring the word of God to our customers and share His love for them,” said Kara Heckel, owner of Paper Sunday.

Sharing God’s love with others through Paper Sunday personalized journals lets them know that God sees them, He cares about the details of their lives, and He knows them by name. 

What better gift could you give to your closest friends or your women’s groups to use throughout the day than a journal with their name in Scripture? It is the perfect gift to remind the women you care about of God’s ultimate sacrifice and love for them each day.

Each journal is 144 pages, with personalized scriptures carefully chosen to encourage and inspire you each day. The team at Paper Sunday believes that personalizing verses from Scripture gives their customers a new appreciation for God’s word.

 “I still remember the first time I saw my name in Scripture and how the verse literally jumped off the pages,” Kara Heckel said. “It was such a revelation moment regarding the living Word of God! I wanted to share that revelation with others.”

In addition to the inspiring personalized scriptures, Paper Sunday’s journals also offer excellent journaling pages. These journals are the perfect size to take to Bible Study, Church, girl’s trips, conferences, or seminars to keep track of your notes and essential lists, memories, or tasks. 

Paper Sunday also desires that each journal conveys the depth of God’s love for their customers, drawing them into a personal relationship with Him. “We want people to understand that the word of God was written for them, in this day and age.”

Part of the appeal of Paper Sunday products is having a beautiful, physical journal or planner in hand. There’s something really meaningful about committing words to Paper. And it’s a big reason why Paper Sunday’s products are so popular.

When we take time to meditate, it heals our hearts and minds. Meditating on the living, breathing Word of God and His scriptures takes us out of the fast-paced digital world that often leaves us feeling empty. “Anything we can do to take a moment and reflect on the love of God will help keep us grounded,” said Paper Sunday.

Add to that the remarkable fact that all of Paper Sunday’s products are designed and manufactured in the USA, and you can see why they’ve built such a loyal fan base.

Written By:   Sherry Shepherd



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