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Daily Devotional • Genesis 39:3

The Lord caused all that he did to prosper.  - Genesis 39:3
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The Lord caused all that he did to prosper.

- Genesis 39:3

I have pink and red flowers planted in flower pots on my porch.

However, with the rain we had, I skipped a day watering them, thinking they would all be fine.

But when I looked out on the porch the following day, I realized that one pot of flowers was under the covered patio and didn’t get watered from the rain. They were wilting. The leaves were curling up, and the flowers were drooping.

I watered them right away, and like magic, the leaves unfurled, and the flowers stood back up.

It made me think of how when I miss a day in the Word or don’t spend time talking to God, I wither!

I am not watered with what I need to face daily elements.

Digging into God’s Word gives my heart roots that are healthy. When facing difficulties and fears, I can draw upon those things God has taught me.

They feed the soul, making it rich with the elements it needs to handle life. God’s Word tells us that He is for us. He loves us and wants to help us grow in Him.

As you begin your day today, notice the vegetation and flowers around you. Are some plants withering while others are blooming? It matters which ones are being fed and watered. Your heart and soul are the same. They need to be fed with God’s Words.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, please help me to be committed to following You and learning all You have to teach me in Your Word. Help me to grow strong in You. Amen.

With Love,
Sherry Shepherd

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