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Daily Devotional • Psalm 73:26

God is the strength of your heart and your portion forever.  - Psalm 73:26

God is the strength of your heart and your portion forever.

- Psalm 73:26

Have you ever watched a weight lifter?  

They start training with smaller weights, and as they build muscle strength, they increase the weights.  

Through regularly working out, their muscles begin to remember what to do. They become accustomed to the pressure and grow stronger. By using a certain set of muscles, they develop “muscle memory.”  

Likewise, as we learn to trust God and grow in Him and His ways, we begin to gain an understanding of Him.  

The more we rely on Him, the more we learn to depend on Him.  

Our hearts remember all God has done for us, increasing our trust in Him. He is truly the strength of our hearts.   

As you examine your life and heart today, where do you find yourself? Are you regularly in God’s Word? Are you strengthening your heart muscle with His love and truths? Or are you trying to do life on your own?  

As you begin your day, ask God to remind you in little ways that He is with you!   

Prayer:  Lord, forgive me for getting ahead of you sometimes and forgetting to put you first. Thank you for reminding me that your love is unfailing and you are the strength of my heart. Amen.    

With Love,
Sherry Shepherd

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Exactly what I needed today. Thank you

Exactly what I needed today. Thank you

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