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Daily Devotional • Song of Songs 4:1

Listen my dearest darling, you are beautiful–you are beauty itself to me!  - Song of Songs 4:1  
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Listen my dearest darling, you are beautiful–you are beauty itself to me!  

- Song of Songs 4:1

Did you know that you are beautiful?

Not just pretty or handsome, not just alright, or acceptable, but beautiful and radiant in the eyes of God?

It can be hard for us to believe this about ourselves sometimes. The enemy loves to attack our minds and lower our confidence in Christ.

Satan doesn’t want us to view ourselves the way God does. Satan wants us to feel ugly, unworthy and unloved.

But in the face of God’s perfect love, the lies of Satan fade away like dust!

Every day we are being transformed to be more like Jesus.

In our loving pursuit of God, we become reflections of His own beauty and goodness since we are made in His beautiful image!

God created you unique and with intentionality. The sound of your voice, the color of your skin, your eyes, your height, your personality, your passions, your quirks… everything about you He adores! You are His living, breathing masterpiece, workmanship and poetry!

Be encouraged today that God sees you as beautiful, radiant, valued, gifted and loved. He does not view you through the lens of the world. He doesn't view you in the lens of yesterday's mistakes or past sins. He views you the same way He views Jesus, made righteous by His blood. You are pure, whole, lovely, radiant, strong, a warrior, valued, desired, cherished, treasured, beautiful and extravagantly loved beyond measure!

“Lord, thank you for transforming myself into your image and helping me to see myself the way you do!”

With Love,
Sarah Sherstad

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What a beautiful reminder – on my birthday, no less!

What a beautiful reminder – on my birthday, no less!

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