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For Allison Hoffer Castillo, a native of Fort Worth and mother of three, painting and creating are the ways and means of everyday life. The ability to express herself so fully across the often hectic and challenging balance of raising her children, life only truly works when she creates, and it’s in her blood. Allison comes from a long line of artists and creators. With a background in Graphic Design and formal art education, she has learned that both surrendering to and respecting the creative process is where she best thrives. She pours herself onto the canvas with bold, vibrant colors, playing in varied mediums to infuse depth, layers, and rich texture into her art. She operates by no rules, conforms to no formulas, believes there are no mistakes. Allison gets lost (and found) in her work, wholly trusting the creative process. Influenced deeply by Mother Nature, fashion, her children’s artwork, by words and moments and collective currents, Allison is never at a loss for ideas or inspiration. In and through her mind, out and onto canvas, every piece with its own pulse. It is her hope and heart that her work moves all who might gaze upon it, that it conveys light, sparks something, inspires, and brings to life a love and interaction with color, shape, and movement.


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