Theresa Mangum

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Theresa Mangum Bio

It is with great sadness, that the Mangum family announces the passing of one of Paper Sunday's artists, Theresa Mangum.
A life so beautifully lived, she left an impact on this world that can never be replaced.
She touched so many lives with her many talents, her generous spirit, and her loving heart.
Please keep the Mangum family in your prayers and thoughts during this time.
Love to you all,
The Mangum and Spires Family

As a young girl, Theresa always had some sort of art in her life; her father being a photographer, to her mother being a singer. In her teenage years, she was in band and  was a dancer and highly involved in her High School Varsity Drill Team. A Dallas, TX native, she continued her education at the University of Texas at Dallas. Immediately choosing her major, Arts & Performance with an emphasis in painting and studying under Professor and Contemporary Artist John Pomara, she was able to focus on creating and see what life had ahead of her as an artist.

After graduating, she moved to Austin, TX, where she was able to explore and learn from so many different types of artists, she ventured back to Dallas a few years later permanently and worked nonstop in the art scene. She took an adventure down to Belize, Central America a few years later for some R&R and inspiration. She lived on the island of San Pedro soaking in everything around her. Upon her return, she was able to visualize who and what she wanted to do with her skills as an artist and designer.

Theresa was very successful creating commissions in her Dallas studio, teaching her own workshops/sessions/private lesson, painting murals, and designing for homes and small businesses.  

Designs by Theresa Mangum