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Wayne McCullough Bio

From Wayne:  A sixth-generation Texan, I have been a Dallasite and Texan through and through since the day I was born. I received my BA from the University of Texas at Austin and then served in D.C. as an aide de comp, then moved back to Dallas and worked for Congressman Sam Johnson. These experiences led me to realize that a life of serving others is a life fulfilled. I have been in the wealth management space since 1998. It has been an awesome path with the opportunity to work with many unique individuals and families for their wealth management needs. I have had the opportunity to work with so many great firms and viewed each as a learning experience as well as a conduit to lead me to where I am today. There are no closed doors or wrong places, just a path that yields opportunity. You have to be open to the fact that life experiences are working for you, guiding you to where you need to be for the greater good of what you believe – in my case, the belief that every client deserves the best possible option to meet their financial planning needs.

Primarily seeking to help families preserve, grow, give, and protect their wealth, my primary vocation is Wealth Management. I also am involved in film, fitness, media, and the hospitality industry. Across all of the industries, there is one primary driving focus: investing and spending human capital on projects that matter and make the world a better place.

I believe that to maintain focus and live a fulfilled life, a person should focus on five key areas. I have coined this “The 5 F’s.” Faith. Family. Friends. Fitness. Finance. These are the motivators which drive me to constantly pursue excellence and continue progress to be a better husband, father, friend, and mentor every day. I wake every day and ask God to make me the man He created me to be. I have been an advisor to many, helping to shape their thinking and reframe the “why” of what they do.

I hold the Certified Financial Planning designation as well as multiple other financial industry designations. My wife, children and I reside in Dallas where I am President of Benchmark Private Wealth Management, a registered investment adviser. 

Benchmark Private Wealth Management conducts a thorough review of a client’s goals, risk tolerance, and needs in order to create a customized investment solution for individuals as well as families. Our approach is grounded in a balanced, long-term, diversified philosophy that allows us to take advantage of opportunities in the markets. We focus on what we can control as opposed to worrying about what we can’t so that our clients sleep well at night. We operate on an open-architecture platform where we can invest in stocks, bonds, real estate, energy, private equity, hedge funds, and other unique alternatives. Being an independent firm, we are not incentivized by certain products or solutions. Instead, we are solely concerned with helping clients attain their goals. Our experienced, credentialed team works seamlessly as one unit to address complex and unique needs. We do not offer stereotyped solutions to complex problems – everything we do is customized to work for the client’s benefit and financial peace of mind. We are proud to be part of an organization that is perennially named one of the best companies to work for in Dallas. Our client-first approach and care for employees are unmatched and unique.

Life is never smooth but the turbulence is what builds character. In our business, you also have to navigate volatile markets and life-changing events for clients. We have to be a rock for our clients, unwavering in our convictions, as well as a force working for them when they are in need. It takes vision, commitment, and endurance to keep building and to keep evolving. Firms change, markets expand and implode, but we endure by always doing what is right. “Maybe we need ‘turbulence’ to help us develop a sense of direction so that we may ultimately reach the destination intended for us in life!”- Norman Vincent Peale

Growing up I was involved and busy. I liked to organize everything all the time. I wanted to be in the mix with friends and family all the time. I loved my childhood and my neighborhood. As a younger child, I was creative and had a fun and busy imagination. The sustaining trait was organizing others as well as functions. I wasn’t opposed to pranks and hijinks – but it was fun natured and a way to stay engaged. I loved people- still do.

Wayne McCullough Ministries

Wayne produces under the Simple Talk brand, a faith based speaker series devoted to equipping men to be better fathers, husbands, and friends.  He also hosts a Podcast named Simple Talk and leads a dynamic class at his local church with his brother, Mike.  His Via Con Dios LP invests in the finance, hospitality, health/active and wellness space. 

Wayne is also involved in a redemption movement based on the film The Heart of Man.  He is an executive producer and highly encourages anyone to watch the film.  It is award winning but more importantly life changing.  People around the world have embraced this movement. 



Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.

Isaiah 43:1