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Daily Devotional • 1 Timothy 4:7

...rather train yourself for godliness...  -  1 Timothy 4:7 
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...rather train yourself for godliness...

- 1 Timothy 4:7

    Spiritual progress requires effort. Spiritual growth demands spiritual sweat.

    In his letter to Timothy, Paul gives us a great example of cause and effect.

    The cause? Discipline.
    The effect? Godliness.

    The Greek word behind “discipline” is ”gymnazo,” from which we get our English word gymnasium. Gymnazo is a word that drips with sweat equity.

    When one enters the gym, he enters to work. To train. He intends to sculpt his mind and body for what may come.

    This training is precisely what Paul is alluding to. Godliness does come naturally. Godliness does not come easy. It is hard work to "pray without ceasing"

    Scripture memory takes time and effort.

    Fleeing from sin is mentally and physically exhausting. Our striving to “be holy as He is holy,” is arduous work. But if we are willing to put in the time, the reward is tremendous. Godliness awaits those who are willing to train.

    The greatest ambition in life is to live a godly life in Christ Jesus. The fruit of discipline is Godliness— and Godliness is the sweetest fruit that there is.

    Where are you this morning? Do you consider yourself a “godly person?” Better yet, would others view you as “godly?”

    How much time, and effort, and sweat do you put into Godliness?

    To be sure, in saving you, God worked alone. But in sanctifying you, that is a co-operative work.

    No one gets fit by sitting on the couch, watching the “Biggest Loser.” And no one grows in Godliness by sitting around hoping to be holy.

    Get up. Get moving. Spiritual progress requires effort. Spiritual growth demands spiritual sweat.

    Your prayer today, “God, I'm spiritually lazy. Give your Spirit Lord, motivate me. Lead me as I train and strive for Godliness.”

    Press on,
    Pastor Harp

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    Thank you for the reading and so true,

    Thank you for the reading and so true,

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