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Daily Devotional • Colossians 3:14-15 (TPT)

For love is supreme and must flow through each of these virtues. Love becomes the mark of true maturity.  - Colossians 3:14-15 (TPT)
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For love is supreme and must flow through each of these virtues. Love becomes the mark of true maturity. 

- Colossians 3:14-15 (TPT)

Love is the mark of true maturity.

How we love others and receive love shows how mature we really are.

Scripture tells us that we will be known throughout the world by the way we love. We are called to love like Christ.

We can know how well we love by looking at how we treat others.

Do we criticize others behind their back? Or do we pray for them? Do we spread gossip? Or do we spread love? Do we show love to those that are hard to love, or just to the people who love us back?

Remembering every day when you wake that you are a representative of Jesus and God’s kingdom will help keep you mindful of how you love others.

Another way that helps us love others is by experiencing the love God has for us.

When we truly understand who we are in Christ, how He sees us and have confidence in our identity in Him, it becomes much easier to see other people through His lens of compassion.

The closer you draw to God, the more you become like Him. The more you become like Him, the more mature and refined you are!

The more we understand how valued we are to God, the easier it is for us to see how valuable other people are too and therefore be able to love them.

Whether someone you encounter currently knows God or not at that moment, they are still a beloved child in God’s eyes.

It is our responsibility as followers of Christ and warriors of His kingdom to be portals of His life-changing love so that others may come to know Him!

Today, how can you show love to others?

“Lord, help me to display maturity in how I love and receive love. Help me to see others the way you see them. May I be a passionate portal of your compassionate love!”

With Love,
Paper Sunday

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