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Daily Devotional • John 1:38

“...what do you want?”  - John 1:38

“...what do you want?”

- John 1:38

    Willpower and discipline alone can never fix your soul. Soul renewal begins and ends with desire.

    Jesus wants you to want Him. Much more than “you should” or “you ought,” Jesus desires that you desire Him.

    The very first thing Jesus asks His disciples is “what do you want?” (Jn. 1:38)

    The phrase “what [do you want]” is zeteo, which means desire in Greek.

    Jesus is asking those who wish to follow Him, “What do you desire? What are you seeking after? What are you longing for?”

    Your walk with Jesus is less about doing and more about desire. Jesus cares more about who you are becoming than what you accomplish.

    Most religions and religious leaders stress doing.

    “Do this... don't do that...”
    “Try harder.”
    “Deny your desires.” I

    t is all about what you can accomplish and resist.

    Not our leader. King Jesus doesn't want you to deny your desires; He wants to transform them. It is not that your desires are too strong; they are too weak. God, in Christ, offers you infinitely more than you could ever imagine. In Christ, God offers you your heart's desire.

    Your problem is not that your desires are too strong; your problem is that you are too easily pleased with the things of this world. You are too easily satisfied with the praise, and practices, and comforts that this word offers.

    You will never grow in your walk with Jesus by working harder. Indeed, the harder you try at religion, the worse your relationship with Jesus gets. It is not a question of doing; it is a question of desire. Do you desire King Jesus? Do you love Him above all things? During your day, when your mind begins to wonder, where does it go— does it go to thoughts of your King?

    Press on,
    Pastor Harp

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