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Daily Devotional • Psalm 17:6

I have called upon You, for you will answer me, O God.  - Psalm 17:6

I have called upon You, for you will answer me, O God.

- Psalm 17:6

Have you ever experienced a time when God’s voice seems hushed, and your prayers echo in silence?

Sometimes, I feel like I’m standing in a giant cavern yelling out my prayers, and they are just reverberating back to me like an empty reminder of the solitude I feel.

However, when God’s voice seems quiet and doubts creep in, I must remind myself to fight against the discouragement and the whispering lies that “God doesn’t care.”

Because the truth of the matter is He does care. He loves me!

His silence can be a result of many things.

When God is silent, it could be because we have been engaging in repetitive and unrepented sin.

Maybe it is simply that the timing isn’t right, and God is sparing us from some pain we don’t see.

His answer could be yes, or wait, not yet, or no.

However, through each response, He is inviting us to embrace His perfect timing and wisdom.

When uncertainty and suffering test our faith, we must shift our focus off our limited understanding and problems and put it back on God and who He is.

The better we know God, the more we find ourselves able to trust Him.

Today, remember, God is a God of miracles, wonders, and immeasurable love. He desires to lavish you with His love and give you His good gifts.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, bring hope to my tired mind and renewed energy to my worn-out body. Heal my worries with your hope. Provide for my needs and be with me today and always. Amen.

With Love,
Sherry Shepherd

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