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Daily Devotional • Psalms 147:4 (NIV)

He determines and counts the number of the stars. He calls them all by their names.  - Psalms 147:4 (NIV)   
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He determines and counts the number of the stars. He calls them all by their names.   

- Psalms 147:4 (NIV)

Have you felt hidden… unseen... unheard… insignificant… forgotten?

I don’t know where you find yourself in this season of your life but I’ve had points, or what would feel like never ending seasons in my own journey, where I have definitely felt those very same things.

When the valley feels too deep and mountains are closing in on you. When you cry out, “Will anyone hear me”? “Will anyone come find me”? When you’re tossed to and fro in the vast ocean of your own tears that are seemingly endless with just enough strength to hold your head above water.

Yes, my friend, I’ve been there.

But there is a hope we are called to in Jesus. There is always hope.

Our God knows us. Hears us. Sees us. Finds us. Like sheep who are never lost to their shepherd.

Beloved, where can we go or be hidden from His love? God is omnipresent. He is Jehovah Shammah.

The Lord is there. There is no despair or darkness, height or depth, things impending or things passed, nothing in all creation is able to separate us from the love of God.

As we trust in Him, our hearts will overflow with His peace and joy as we hold steadfast to His promised plan to give us hope, a future and a purpose.

Just as he hung the stars that blanket the night sky and called them each by name, are you no more precious in His eyes and intricately made?

Before He formed you in the womb, He knew you and appointed you.

You were fearfully and wonderfully created in the Potter’s hands. And having made a firm determination that is unchanging and unwavering; He called you to be His Son and His Daughter!

Heavenly Father,
With all that I am, I am here. I surrender my everything. Circumcise my heart, Oh Lord, so that my eyes can see and my ears can hear how great and how wide is your love for me. I ask that you bring peace, and wisdom through your word and comfort from your Holy Spirit over my life this day and each day you have destined for me. I trust you know each of my needs just as you know each hair on my head. Great is thy faithfulness! You, Oh God, are greatly to be praised! And in your mighty name I pray. Thank you Lord...Amen

With Love,

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What a reassuring reminder that God is ever present in our life.

What a reassuring reminder that God is ever present in our life.

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