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Blogger Series: My Evening with Adele

This woman.  She inspires me.  She moves me.  She puts words to my heart.  She lives unashamed.  She is a woman who has come alive.

I have always loved her.  In a Vogue article I read earlier this year about her, she talked about the impact of seeing the Spice Girls in concert and encouraged everyone to do what it takes to see your favorite artists live in concert because it changes you.  She doesn’t love to tour, she still gets nervous but she does it knowing the impact it makes in her fans lives.  I say all this because we are besties and she tells me all this info.  (grin)  So, after reading that article, I determined I would see the concerts of my faves this year and wrap it up with Adele.  And she did not disappoint…I am smitten with her all over again.  And while I don’t feel like it changed me per se, I definitely walked away with a sweet confidence that I didn’t necessarily walk in with.  “You got that from a concert?”, you might ask.  Well, let me explain in hopes this is encouraging for you too.

  1.  As I wrote in my previous post, my motto this year has been to find that which makes me come alive and to go and do it.  I am telling you that when you see someone who is going after their own passion, it will impact you.  Adele strikes me as a woman who has not sought out fame, awards and #1 songs but simply went after that which was in her heart and wow did the world need it!  Seeing her in person gives me confidence to continue to go after the things in my heart.
  2. She is so herself.  I expected a great show; I expected great music; I expected to feel all the feels but what I didn’t expect was to be impacted by her personality.  She says she still gets nervous in performing so she tends to be quite chatty to help calm her nerves.  And boy did she chat and I couldn’t get enough.  She shared meanings behind her songs, she interacted with the audience, she talked about trick-or-treating in Dallas on Halloween, she joked about still singing all these songs about her ex-boyfriend of many years ago…she just showed up as herself.  Seeing her put on her own kind of show, in her own kind of way gives me the confidence to simply show up as me and be in my moments of life instead of giving in to the pressure to “perform”.
  3. She wears Spanx and jokes that the fan on her stage doesn’t work as well as Beyonce’s.  I love that she is not the typical size 2 Hollywood artist and owns it.  I love that she has a large fan on the end of her stage and jokes that while she hoped it would put wind in her hair Beyonce-style, it is simply there to help keep her cool.  This woman is comfortable in her skin and is so relatable.  This gives me confidence to love my body, to be unashamed of my curves and embrace my beauty especially on the days I really wish I was Beyonce.
  4. She knows heartbreak and isn’t shy about sharing the highs and lows of love.  I think in an age that encourages women to be independent, strong and un-needy in a I-AM-WOMAN-AND-I-DON’T-NEED-A-MAN roar that is applauded sometimes, I really love that she is vulnerable enough to share the crazy wonder of love.  As I sang loudly to many of her songs, I also shed many tears in remembering many of my own heartbreak moments and was so thankful for a woman who isn’t afraid to share her emotion to the world.  She inspires me to be confident through heartbreak, to be brave about sharing my heart and believe that opening your heart can be quite healing for others.
  5. Her laugh.  Have you heard it?  It’s so unlike her and yet so very her.  This woman gives me confidence to appreciate my snort – LIVE AS YOU!

I really did walk away with a pep in my step to simply be me.  If we all continued to live our life going after the things in our heart, being full-hearted and vulnerable, being authentically yourself and being real and honest…I’m quite sure those in our worlds will be infused with confidence too.


The other thing I want to encourage you in this post is to not wait for your Mr. to go on the dates you want to go on.  Grab a friend and go on a date!  I know, sounds a little weird, but the other sweet part of my evening with Adele was getting to share it with my precious friend, Melanie.  We went and got our hair done, we got all dolled up in black, we had a yummy fancy meal, we laughed and cried and sang our hearts out…we soaked up every moment of the evening.  I can’t wait for all my dates with my Mr. Person but y’all, I’m going to practice my heart out while I wait!  Don’t wait to go try that new restaurant – grab a friend and go!  Don’t wait to go check out that cooking class – grab a friend and go!  Don’t wait to buy a new outfit and get dolled up for your guy – dress up for you!  Go get ’em girls!  We are living!!

BONUS MATERIAL:  This is one of my absolute favorite songs by Adele.  I sing it with lots of emotion and tears and seeing it live really put me over the top with emotion.  This clip is from the Brit Awards in 2011 after her second album, 21 came out and it won the world over.  I love the simplicity, emotion and awe of this performance.  This is Adele.



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Hi! I’m Jen! I’m new to this blogging thing so thanks for coming along for the journey.

My life isn’t anything exciting, wild or crazy (well…maybe a bit of crazy) but it is sweet, full and lovely and I’m proud to call it mine. I’m 41 years old, living in Dallas, originally from Colorado Springs and still waiting for my Mr. Person. It’s been a long, long wait filled with questions, a few awkward dates, hopeful seasons, mistakes and lots of Jesus. I hope you are here to know and be reminded that you are not alone in whatever waiting season you might find yourself in. I am here to remind you that God has got you and me, He knows our hearts, He has good in store and is taking the time to do everything just right. I can wait for that.

I love music, my family, and my amazing friends; I work hard at my job for an insurance brokerage firm; I will always turn off an overhead light in search for a lamp to light the area instead; I like fall weather and scarves. I am crazy about my little chiweenie dog, Remi Jo; I love to get lost in worship; Paris is my favorite. I’m obsessed with the Carpool Karaoke videos by James Corden; Adele moves me; I’m learning calligraphy and love it. Good hair is always my aim; I don’t know how to end sentences; Wine & Cheese are my favorite dinner items; and I love Jesus with my whole heart.

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