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Advent Devotional 1 • Matthew 1:1

This is the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.  - Matthew 1:1  

Advent Devotional SeriesThis is the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.  

- Matthew 1:1

The first words of Matthew's gospel are "biblos geneseos," which can be translated as the "record of the history."

Matthew is recording historical facts—Matthew is giving us a window into the life of King Jesus.

Matthew, Mark, and Luke are three of the four gospel writers.

The gospels they wrote are called the synoptic gospels; they give a synopsis of Jesus' life. They are describing His 30+ years on this earth.

John's gospel is different. Less history and more theology, John's gospel is not synoptic—most of John's gospel takes place during the last few weeks of Jesus' life.

Yet, be it Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John, King Jesus is at the center of the story!

The opening verse of Matthew's gospel connects Jesus back to two great Jewish covenants: the Davidic (2 Samuel 7) and the Abrahamic (Genesis 12; 15).

Why would Matthew open in such a way?

Because Matthew wants his readers to know Jesus is the rightful King.

Jesus is the Messiah!

With Jesus' life and death, He would fulfill the covenants of old and usher in a New Covenant. Matthew wants the world to know: Jesus is the King of Kings.

This Christmas, we celebrate the birth of the rightful King.

Today’s Reflection & Action:

How has your life changed since you were introduced to the King?

Who in your life needs to know about the King? How might their life change if they were to meet King Jesus? You are just the one to introduce them.

Pastor Chris

Paper Sunday is blessed to collaborate with Chris Harper on this Advent Devotional Series.

Chris Harper is a speaker, writer, and disciple-maker. Chris is President of 252Edu, a consulting firm based in Dallas, Texas. Chris serves schools, churches, and non-profits by helping them "grow in wisdom, favor and stature with God and man.”

When not taking ground for King Jesus, you can find Chris on the basketball court playing a pick-up game. Chris is a sneakerhead, an avid reader, and loves a good cheeseburger. You can follow him @252consulting on Instagram. 

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