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Daily Devotional • Ecclesiastes 3:1

There is an occasion for everything, and a time for every activity under heaven….  – Ecclesiastes 3:1 
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There is an occasion for everything, and a time for every activity under heaven…

–Ecclesiastes 3:1

There is a time for every season in our lives, and God is our ultimate guide through those seasons.

Sometimes we may know exactly what the next step is, and we long to spring into action before God gives us the green light. Or on the other hand, sometimes we may know God has given us the nudge to move along, yet we choose to dig our heels into the ground.

Change can be scary, especially if we’re going from a comfortable season into a new one of uncharted territory.

However, knowing that God is with us even in the unknown, we can have peace. We can trust Him in every season, familiar and new. Exciting and scary.

The course of our lives is in His power!

“The course of my life is in your power…” –Psalms 31:15

Wherever the Lord leads you, choose to cling to Him no matter what. He’s got you, and He’s not letting you go. Ever!

He holds every one of our moments in His hands, and since He knows what’s best for us, we can choose to follow Him wherever He leads in delightful obedience.

Have you been stepping into a new season lately?
How do you feel? Are you excited? Scared? Unsure?

Whatever is on the other side of the new season, you can know that everything will be okay because He is going with you and before you!

With Love,
Sarah Sherstad

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