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Daily Devotional • Luke 6:45 (NIV)

The mouth speaks what the heart is full of.  - Luke 6:45 (NIV)  
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The mouth speaks what the heart is full of. 

- Luke 6:45 (NIV)

Every tree is revealed by the quality of the fruit it produces.

You will never find healthy and well-produced fruit growing on a thorn tree or a dead bush that’s been poisoned.

The same goes for people.

We are known by the virtue stored in our hearts:

“A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart.” Luke 6:45

Whatever is stored up in our hearts will be revealed by what comes out of our mouths.

This is why it is so important we guard our hearts daily from things that are evil.

The things we watch, the people we listen to, the things we allow our minds to meditate on and the things we come into agreement with all affect the state of our hearts.

  • Do you have a tendency to speak life or death?
  • Do your words reflect worry and anxiety or peace and trust in God?
  • Do you have a tendency to encourage yourself in the Lord or do you generally talk down to yourself?
  • What do your words look like when you’re angry and emotional?

Growing in this area is a lifelong process.

However, knowing that our words reflect the state of our heart can help keep us accountable and aware of areas that need healing and correction as well as knowing what our strengths are.

Today, be mindful of what comes out of your mouth. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill your mouth with His words and surrender your heart to His leading!

“Lord, make in me a clean heart. Help me to yield to you, Holy Spirit, as you lead me today. May the words that come out of my mouth honor and glorify your name, Lord.”

With Love,
Paper Sunday

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Oh, how I need to hear this every day, all day long !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, how I need to hear this every day, all day long !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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