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Daily Devotional • Revelation 5:6

Jesus the Lamb “stands as though He had been slain”.  - Revelation 5:6
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Jesus the Lamb “stands as though He had been slain”.

- Revelation 5:6

    We serve a King who is both majestic and meek. He is both conquering and slain. He is the Lion and the Lamb.

    Jesus' glory is a peculiar glory; it is the mingling of greatness and humility. In one scene, King Jesus the Lion “is the only one worthy to open the scrolls (Rev. 5:5).” Shortly thereafter, King Jesus the Lamb “stands as though He had been slain (Rev. 5:6).”

    The Lion and the Lamb. Fully majestic. Perfectly meek.

    Though we will never know the fullness of these traits on this side of heaven, we should strive to imitate our King. As His people, His Church, we should exude majesty and meekness. We are His ambassadors, His representation on earth.

    Yet, rarely do I see this peculiar glory amongst His people. Too often, the Church majors in the majesty of Christ, while divorcing itself from His meekness. Just as dangerous, the Church will major in the meekness of Christ, while downplaying His majesty. Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He's just a Lord who prefers the leper.

    Your view of Jesus largely dictates how you will respond to people. Those who elevate His majesty over and above His meekness tend to be harsh. They tend to be rigid and judgemental.

    Those who elevate His meekness over and above His majesty tend to be shallow. They tend to be dangerously utilitarian and pragmatic.

    Either attitude, divorced from the other, promotes sin. To major in one or the other misses the mark of who Christ is; to major in one fails to image Christ rightly. The majesty of Christ never trumped the meekness of Christ. Nor did His meekness overshadow His majesty.

    To say it another way, Christ never divorced His convictions (who He is) from His compassion (what He does). Nor should we.

    Press on,
    Pastor Harp

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